YOGA at The Swan Centre

We are excited to announce the introduction of yoga at The Swan Centre. These classes will be held at our Claremont location, and are limited to 5-6 participants per class.

To begin with, we will be running two types of classes:

Trauma-Sensitive Mindful YogaThese classes combine principles drawn from Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY), therapeutic yoga and the practice of mindfulness meditation.

You will be guided through a slow embodied practice that works towards inner awareness and feeling in your body. Movement is led by your breath, and is considerate of what works for you on the day. We meet you where you are. Some poses are held, others are dynamic. Everyone has a chair to take all or some of the poses. These are held on Wednesdays, 5.30pm – 6.30pm, bookings essential.

Restorative Yoga: These classes involve complete relaxation while in a still pose, being fully supported by props (sometimes up to 8 blankets!). Unlike active forms of yoga, we rarely stretch or use strength but focus more on allowing the mind to rest, to make space. Poses are typically held for 15 minutes at a time. These are held on Thursdays, 5.30pm- 6.45pm, bookings essential.

Cost: $40/class or $35/class in pack of 5

Equipment required: A thick yoga mat and a large towel.

Open to: 18 years+, must be medically stable.

Contact: Enquiries and bookings can be made via or (08) 9382 8775.

Meet your yoga teacher: Dr Tasmiah Masih

Tas, has had over 600 hours of yoga teacher training and prioritises your feeling safe and cared for.

She became a yoga teacher in 2007 and went on to train as an advanced yoga teacher in 2011. Since this time she has completed various other trainings both locally and abroad including Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Fundamentals based at the University of Massachusetts, USA, in addition to her PhD which was related to stress, relaxation, mindfulness and appetite.

Although, Tas’s personal practice began largely with the physical (yoga asana), over the years she has developed a love for maintaining the ‘inner practice’ of silence, relaxation and meditation, and bringing this to both adults and children. The classes she offers at Swan are focussed on just that, finding silence and stillness in a mind that will not stop racing, along with peace and acceptance in the body that you live in.