Meal Support

Meal Support

Navigating mealtimes can be particularly challenging for individuals on the path to recovery from an eating disorder. The act of eating itself often proves to be the most formidable aspect of the recovery journey.

The eating disorder can exert significant control, fostering resistance to eating and instilling a deep-seated fear of food. Consequently, this struggle may manifest externally as anger and conflict. Problematic behaviors, including hoarding, engaging in food rituals, and purging, can further complicate the recovery process.

Crucial to this journey is emotional support, especially during and after meals, a concept known as Meal Support. This support holds particular significance during acute phases of recovery and when transitioning from formal treatment settings to the home environment.


The Swan Centre offers both:

Individual Meal Support Sessions

Our meal support sessions employ exposure therapy, a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy designed to facilitate the gradual rebuilding of your relationship with food and eating. Together, we will navigate the complexities surrounding mealtimes, addressing the thoughts and emotions that arise. Our collaborative approach aims to develop strategies that challenge and transform old behaviors into new, enjoyable mealtime routines. In these exposure sessions, we will guide you through the following:

  • Identify and challenge your food rules
  • Stay accountable to your meal plan, crafted with your dietitian
  • Introduce more variety into your food choices
  • Confront and overcome fear foods with guidance and support
  • Modify behaviors and rituals related to food
  • Develop effective coping strategies for both during and after meals
  • Foster more positive and conscious experiences around food and eating
  • Conduct post-meal debriefs

Meal Support Enquiries

For meal support enquires, contact Swan Centre reception on 9382 8775 or email

Meal Support Prices

  • Online Group Meal Support (via Zoom) – First session free; $30 every subsequent session
  • Individual Meal Support (Online or In-person) – $130 per session for 1 hour