The Swan Centre is passionate about providing training for health professionals for the purpose of gaining knowledge and confidence in the screening, treatment and management of individuals with eating disorders.

We have a number of trained clinical supervisors who can provide professional guidance and advice for psychologists, dietitians and other mental health practitioners, in either a one-on-one or group format. We are able to offer online, onsite or offsite formats depending on your needs and availability.

2024 Group Supervision – Dietetics

Supervision groups for dietitians working with clients presenting with disordered eating and eating disorders through a weight inclusive lens. This group is suitable for early to mid-career, facilitating connection, learning, growth and professional reflection. Learning is informed by MI, FBT, CBTE and trauma informed care as they relate to dietetic practice, and the intersection of GI issues and neurodiversity affirming care.

All groups are closed groups running monthly for 6 sessions, with participants requested to commit to the full 6 sessions.

In 2024, Kate Fleming will be running two group offerings:

  • February – June 2024 (Mondays 4pm to 5:30pm AWST and Thursday 1:00pm to 2:30pm AWST, depending on expression of interest); and
  • July – December 2024 (Thursday 1pm to 2:30pm (WST) and Monday’s 4-5:30pm, depending on expression of interest).

Other details:

  • Participants: 3-4 per group
  • Location: via Zoom
  • Session length: 90 mins
  • Cost: $75 per session


Supervision is a confidential space for clinicians to foster reflective practice, increase confidence and competency, and promote personal and professional development to enhance quality of care.

The supervision space is somewhere for clinicians to reflect, share and learn new skills and strengthen confidence. Supervision is tailored to meet individual needs, however topics which may be explored include; counselling skills, ethical questions, scope of practice, professional boundaries, clinical practice skills, resources available, local services and frameworks of care, as well as working through specific cases.

It is important that supervision is provided by an experienced practitioner, and for dietitians and psychology registrars, supervisors are required to have also completed specific supervisor training courses. Our Principal Dietitian, Kate Fleming, is available to provide professional supervision for APDs working with clients with eating disorders or other mental health concerns. Kate has completed supervision training approved by the Psychology Board of Australia. We currently have following AHPRA approved clinical psychologist supervisors –  Dr Emma Dove  and Dr Bianca Petterson . Any of our valued clinicians are available to provide general supervision and case consultations. Fees are typically charged at the supervisor’s hourly consulting rate.

Clinical supervision at The Swan Centre might be sought for the following:

  • Ongoing professional development activities and peer supervision requirements;
  • Mental health practitioners wishing to further develop their skills in:
    • Psychological assessment and treatment of eating disorders
    • Cognitive behavioural therapy for eating disorders
    • MANTRA and
    • Specialist Supportive Clinical Management (SSCM) therapy

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