To access our services, you can obtain a referral from your GP, psychiatrist, paediatrician, or you can self-refer.

We require all clients with eating disorders to maintain regular contact with their GP, psychiatrist or paediatrician for medical monitoring due to the inherent medical risks associated with an eating disorder. With your permission, we will also regularly communicate with your medical team to optimise your care.


Medicare rebates are payable if you have been referred by your GP (with a mental health care plan, chronic disease management/enhanced primary care plan or Eating Disorder Treatment plan), psychiatrist or paediatrician.

Medicare rebates are paid for the cost of ten appointments in a calendar year, with the rebate currently set at $87.50 – $128.40 per individual Clinical Psychology appointment, and $54.50 per individual Dietetics appointment. The rebate will be higher if you have exceeded the Medicare Safety Net – we recommend that all clients register for this with Medicare to enable maximum rebates for all your health care requirements. Rebates are also payable for up to ten group sessions in a calendar year, in addition to individual appointments.

You will need to see your GP to make up a mental health care plan before your appointment at our service – Medicare does not pay rebates for appointments completed before a mental health care plan is activated. After you have completed 6 sessions with a clinical psychologist, you will then need to see your GP to decide whether you require further psychological support and, if so, your GP will activate the final 4 sessions of your treatment plan.

For further information please refer to the Australian Psychological Society website or call Medicare on 132 011.

Private Health Insurance
You do not need a referral if you plan to claim appointment costs from your private health insurance.

The rebate provided by your health fund will vary depending on your fund and level of cover. Your health fund will be able to advise you of the rebate payable. You cannot use your private health fund rebate to simultaneously ‘top up’ the rebate from Medicare.