Medicare rebates are payable if you have been referred by your GP (with a mental health care plan), psychiatrist or paediatrician. Medicare rebates are paid for the cost of ten appointments in a calendar year, withthe rebate currently set at $124.50 per individual appointment. The rebate will be higher if you have exceeded the Medicare Safety Net – we recommend that all clients register for this with Medicare to enable maximum rebates for all your health care requirements. Rebates are also payable for up to ten group sessions in a calendar year, in addition to individual appointments.
You will need to see your GP to make up a mental health care plan before your appointment at our service – Medicare does not pay rebates for appointments completed before a mental health care plan is activated. After you have completed 6 sessions with your clinical psychologist you will then need to see your GP to decide whether you require further psychological support and, if so, your GP will activate the final 4 sessions of your treatment plan.